Hi, I’m Tiffany!!


She Invested In Herself and Everything Changed!

Tell the DJ to bring it back!

Working a dead-end job at a male-dominated direct mail agency while supporting my family, I felt stuck and unfulfilled. Living paycheck to paycheck I was determined to realize my potential, I took control and transitioned into contracting as a digital marketing strategist.

Personal Growth & Single Motherhood.

In the midst of heading an ad agency and empowering clients to harness their data at scale, I navigated the challenging yet rewarding journey of single motherhood of three (still up for debate lol). Each trial I faced, obstacles overcome, and tears wiped away fueled my drive and resolve. Now, as an empty nester, taking a leap of faith to live abroad. I’ve embraced a new chapter symbolizing the freedom that I want for every woman in business to believe in themselves and go for it!!


For over a decade I observed a recurring issue among female clients where they were consistently  leaving their agencies due to failing campaigns, or were struggling to scale their ad accounts because of lack of knowledge. And voilà! Lady Bosses.Co was born! Our mission: Providing female entrepreneurs  with unbiased, data-driven insights and techniques saving businesses thousands in wasted ad spend, and countless hours trying to recoup within the social media marketing space.

Hey, I’ve been there!

I understand the complexities and significance of managing paid social media advertising, especially when the revenue generation is reliant on it.  Now, I’m here to simplify your journey with actionable guides, assessment , and 1:1 consulting.. Let’s conquer the Social media paid ad  landscape, turning your passion into success and giving  you the freedom to live the life you are destined to have.

“There is nothing more powerful than a badass Lady Boss backed by data”

Love, Light & Gratitude

Just like you, we all had to start somewhere, and I have been fortunate enough to have had a great female Badass mentor who believed in me and taught me the ins and outs through experiences. And the best way I can share my appreciation and gratitude is to pay it forward.

LBC is looking forward to collaborating and verifying through actionable data your infrastructure is in the best position to scale, making Lady Bosses.Co a household name in our female led digital marketing space. So ask yourself, are you ready because we are.. See ya soon!